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I believe every day is a good day for mature homeowners to improve their quality of life… and most mature homeowners would like to improve their quality of life… if their concerns can be addressed.

Too often mature homeowners will delay their much-needed home transition over concerns of privacy, safety, and convenience.  Concerns of privacy during showings, concerns of safety from exposure to strangers, and concerns over the inconvenience of making home repairs… must all be addressed.

Most mature homeowners want or need a home transition experience very different from the buyer-centered method… offered by the home-purchase companies on TV & radio… and most real estate professionals.

I developed the Mature Homeowner Transition Method® to help mature homeowners of any age, ability, or in any situation make their transition to a house, community, or a facility that better fits their needs.

My method preserves your privacy, prioritizes your safety, and provides you with a convenient home transition experience.  The benefit to you, or perhaps mom & dad… is an improved quality of life!

My name is Alexander Villa, “Mr. Keep Mom Safe”®, and my mission is to improve the quality of life for mature homeowners of any age, ability, or in any situation.

Let’s work together… to keep mom safe.